Find Resources and Guidelines for Making the Most of LiveLifeLIVE!



Set up your band profile, input gigs and bank info, and mentally prepare to start growing.
Gigs must be set up 24 hours in advance 🙂


Show Day

1. Bring table talkers to venue and a tip jar (if that's your thang).

2. Mention the app during the show - let fans know they can show their appreciation for the entertainment you are providing!

3. Rock out!

Post Show

Check out your feedback and give us some too. Input any future gigs.
 Rinse, Wash, Repeat!
It is the small details that will make a big difference

LiveLifeLIVE exists to support live music - keep your dream alive by letting fans know!

Messaging and Media

Messaging Ideas

Live Music is on the ropes, and your favorite local bands need your help. LiveLifeLIVE is a new app, developed right here in Raleigh, that connects live music fans with their favorite bands. Lets you make contact, give them feedback or send them some love in the form of a tip - a tip that’s an investment in the band’s future, in the local music scene and in keeping live music alive.

Hey! I want to call your attention to a new app that lets you make contact with us, give us feedback and throw a little love your way by investing - not just in our future of live music. Support the music and keep the music you love alive. Thank you.

What is this?

Find on this page: 
Table Talkers
Front of table talker
Back options for table talker
11x17 poster

What do I do with them?
Print ‘em out. Hang ‘em up. Throw the talkers on the tables. Get some support.